Folder Protection 6.35

Retain all of the precious contents of a deleted folder

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    Blockers & Access Control

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    Windows XP / Windows 8 / Windows ME / Windows 7 / Windows 98 SE / Windows 2003 / Windows 2000 / Windows Vista / Windows 98

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    6.9 (204)

Personal computer users looking for a quick way to protect their folders from curious eyes will love the simplicity and execution of Kakasoft's Folder Protection. This powerful 1.4 megabyte application works on PCs with Windows 98 up to the latest version of Windows 8.

Folder Protection's power is hidden behind a small, simple to understand, clean GUI that is straight to the point. Users have three options from the main menu: minimize to tray, restore protected folders or cancel protected folders. By starting up the .exe file you can choose to encrypt any folder you would like to in your system, excluding system dependent folders that are relied on by the operating system. Users can also check if the folder is already protected and choose to cancel the protection if authorized to do so.

Once a folder is chosen for protection, Folder Protection encrypts the folder and then keeps it locked from other users with a password. Once the folder is protected by Folder Protection, users can't open, copy, edit, delete or move the folder without knowing the password.

While home users are sure to enjoy Folder Protection's offerings, power PC users who rely on strong encryption and tight security may be disappointed to find no clarity on what type of encryption is used by Folder Protection. Folder Protection is great for on-the-fly folder encryption, but it probably isn't the best option for organizations looking for stronger encryption methods.

Folder Encryption is completely free and requires no installation. As long as the device supports the framework of which Folder Encryption was based on, this application is great for portability.

Kakasoft's Folder Protection is an excellent alternative to other options that may require research by the personal computer user. PC users who need fast, straightforward folder protection need to look no further.


-Easy to use

-Protects folders from being copied, deleted, edited, and viewed

-Great for home users who don't want others looking through their files


-Passwords can be cracked using brute-force password attacks

-Kakasoft isn't clear about what type of encryption is used

-Lacks substance for organizations looking for strong encryption methods

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